5 Ways CBD Helps Cats

cbd for cats

All cats are different, but they do share one commonality: they’re all unique! Your cat may be a vocal lap-warmer who loves spending time with you or a shy (or even antisocial!) kitty who prefers to have his own space. But no matter what type of cat you have—or if you have more than one type of feline friend—there’s one thing that’s true for pretty much all kitties: their lives are better with CBD! Here are five ways that CBD helps cats in particular.

Anxiety in Cats

CBD can help with anxiety in cats. While it’s hard to pinpoint an exact reason for why your cat is anxious, you might find that he or she has developed some symptoms of stress like:

  • vocalizing loudly when you leave the house;
  • hiding from you when it’s time for bed; or
  • scratching at the furniture while you’re away.

These are all signs that your cat may be experiencing separation anxiety. If this is the case, CBD could be just what they need to feel more comfortable around other people and in new places.

cbd for cats

Pain and Inflammation: CBD as a Natural Pain Reliever

CBD is a natural, non-toxic substance found in cannabis. It has been shown to relieve pain in both humans and animals, including cats.

CBD may help reduce inflammation and swelling, which can help reduce pain. It also has an analgesic effect, which means that it reduces the perception of pain by the brain. In addition, CBD can also help with other symptoms such as nausea and anxiety that may accompany chronic pain conditions.

CBD works well for cats who are experiencing chronic pain because it doesn’t have any side effects or contraindications like other medications do.

Nausea and Digestive Ailments

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, which means that it can help with nausea and vomiting which are common side effects of many illnesses. Even if your kitty isn’t sick, CBD oil can also help with digestive issues like bloating and diarrhea.

CBD for Seizures and Epilepsy

CBD can help cats who suffer from seizures and epilepsy.

To administer CBD to your cat, add it to their food or treats. If you’re giving the cat CBD oil, dilute the dosage in water or another liquid for easier administration.

For cats with mild symptoms, start out with a dose of 2mg per 1 pound of body weight twice daily. For more severe symptoms, double up on those dosages until you find what works best for your kitty—but only up to 10mg per 1 pound of body weight twice daily—and then work back down if needed! You should see results within two weeks of beginning treatment; don’t give up if things don’t improve right away!

Fight Cancer with CBD

CBD has been shown to be a potent anti-cancer agent and can help with pain, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.

anxiety in cats cbd

CBD can also help with the side effects of chemotherapy by reducing nausea and vomiting associated with it. It may even reduce the need for other medications that treat those symptoms.

In addition, studies suggest that CBD may have an impact on the progression of cancer itself by helping your cat’s immune system destroy tumor cells more effectively than it would otherwise. And because CBD isn’t psychoactive (unlike THC), you won’t have to worry about your kitty getting high while you’re trying to keep him or her healthy!

CBD for Cats: A Natural Option

We hope that you have a better understanding of how CBD can help cats. Cats can be wonderful companions and bring joy to our lives. They deserve the best in life, which includes healthy food and treatments for their ailments. CBD provides these benefits without the side effects of traditional medications.

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