Hemp for Dogs Reviews

hemp for dogs reviews

Can hemp oil really help manage your dog’s health problems? Of course, you can do a ton of research, but if you’re anything like us, you also want to hear first-hand experiences from those who have used certain products. That’s where hemp for dogs reviews come in.

Hemp for Dogs Reviews

Since there are so many products out there and the industry is highly unregulated, we aren’t comfortable providing generalized reviews. Of course, you can hear from someone how miraculous one product was, then purchase your own only to discover it doesn’t work because it has so many impurities.

That’s why we want to focus on one particular product we have personally vetted ourselves; CBD Dog Health’s line of products. These are the ones we highly recommend, have researched, and personally used on our own dogs.

Read the Testimonials About the CBD Oil

Check out testimonials from verified buyers below!

Here’s what owners (verified buyers) had to say about HEAL CBD Oil from CBD Dog Health:

  • “My vet thinks Heal really helps my dog who has had cancer in the past . She was given 3 to 6 months tops almost three years ago and is still doing great!” – Diane K.
  • “3 years ago, the veterinarian said that my Maltese, Antonio, had Cushing’s Disease. We had just lost his sister due to kidney disease and were devastated. I made the decision to try natural products for him and happened upon CBD DogHealth and decided to try it. He has now been on HEAL for over 2-1/2 years. 8 months ago, when he had his blood work done prior to having his teeth cleaned, my “new” vet said that ALL of his blood work was normal and there was no signs of Cushing’s. Thank you,Lord! Antonio will be 14 years old in June and still plays with his toys and is a happy little guy!”
  • “My dog was diagnosed with tumors in her liver and spleen in late October and was giving 2 to 4 weeks to live because she was already symptomatic. The vet even suggested euthanizing her. I took her home and took her off all dog food and started giving her my own cooked chicken and fish. Additionally, I purchased this product and give her 50 mg a day morning and night. She is eating better than she ever has as she has always been a problem eater. It is now going on five months later, and she is eating her food, going for walks and enjoying the backyard. I can’t say how long she has but I am sure that this product has enabled her to live her best life.”
  • “This is a staple in our home. Has helped slow and stop rumors, alleviate allergie issues, and keeps out older pup calm during our long distance trips. Left a bottle at my daughters house and she used it when her dog wasn’t feeling well. Saved a trip to the vet! This product helps a lot with many different issues.” -Jeanie L.
  • “My dog was diagnosed with cushings 2 years ago. Since she has been on the heal cbd oil, she has improved greatly. I also bought the ointment which heals any skin irritations she gets from her condition. Thank you for your wonderful product.” -Leslie F.

heal cbd for dogs

Here’s what pet lovers had to say about EASE CBD Oil from CBD Dog Health:

  • “My dog has been taking this for 2 months now and he’s doing much better. You can definitely price improvements. Thank you!” -Vic D.
  • “I have had my rescue pup since November of 2020 and I have never owned a dog with such severe skin allergies. Watching her suffer over the last couple of years has been devastating for me because we love her so much. I tried everything my veterinarian prescribed or suggested. She was constantly prescribed all kinds of medicines including cytopoint shots, apoquel, steroids among many other over the counter antihistamine medications. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing has helped like this CBD oil I give her every morning. I’ve never seen her skin looks so good! All the itching, inflammation and funky smell is completely gone! She has been taking “Ease” since the beginning of January and it’s lasting! It only took about a week to completely clear her up. This stuff has been a Godsend for us! I will be signing up for a subscription today!” -July M.
  • “Started my recently adopted rescue German Shepherd on EASE. She has severed hip dysplasia…could not walk more than five steps then sit, five steps then sit. After three weeks on EASE, I see a very noticeable improvement in her ability and willingness to walk with us. Past seven days, she has walked (slowly and still taking frequent sit-down breaks) two-tenths, three-tenths, and now five-tenths of a mile. Not great, but so much improved! in my opinion.” -Marcia K.
  • EASE has been a great addition to my dogs supplements since his ACL injury!” -Anna D.
  • “Very good. Helps my 15 year old Golden Retriever with arthritis and skin conditions. Will continue using and would recommend.” -Elaine W.

hemp for dogs reviews

Here’s what pet lovers had to say about CALM CBD Oil from CBD Dog Health:

  • “I love it, best cbd my pups have had. They get it every night so they can get a good night sleep. I’m also a truck driver and when I take them with me, I use it on the road and they relax the whole way.” -Gilda A.

The Testimonials About CBD Salve

The following are testimonials from verified purchases:

  • “I have been using this on Max every day and it appears to be making a difference the mole/cyst is shrinking smells great!” -Cheryl M.
  • “I bought Remedy for my 14 year old Lab. He had developed a lot of small pink cysts on his head and body. Remedy, applied twice a day, has been reducing the size of all cysts treated. Follow the directions, be consistent and be patient. It takes time for the cysts to shrink. Thank you for Remedy. It really fits it’s name.” -Karen J.
  • “After 1 month the cyst on my dogs head is shrinking in size, bleeding a little but dog doesn’t seem to mind.” -Lauren R.
  • “In as little as 2 weeks the little growth on my girls foot has practically disappeared. This stuff is awesome, highly recommend.” -Judene M.
  • “Lily had a large cyst & the vet said it was benign. It was growing & very hard. I started putting Remedy on it about 10 days ago. It has shrunk & is very soft. So far so good. I’ll keep you posted!” -Kathleen R.

cbd balm for dogs

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