Benefits of MCT Oil in CBD Tinctures

In addition to the CBD, you’ll find that MCT oil is one of the key ingredients in many of our tinctures. Why will MCT oil be used in a product like this? What are the advantages of using MCT in the tincture

Since coconut oil is made up of saturated fat, it seems that we should avoid it as much as possible.   Saturated fats are commonly thought to be unhealthy, but not all saturated fats are created equal. Long chain fatty acids make up the majority of saturated fats, but MCTs have a different carbon length and act as excellent carriers for CBD to be absorbed in the body.

Why MCT in CBD Tinctures

MCT oil prevents the digestive system from fully breaking down CBD until it reaches the bloodstream. CBD is fat-soluble, which means it works best when combined with saturated fats. MCT serves as a medium for CBD to get where it needs to go in order to support the body.

CBD is broken down into very small components in the liver, which aren’t used efficiently by the body. MCT moves the bulk of CBD into the bloodstream, preventing it from being impaired by metabolic processes.

High bioavailability is the target of a high-quality CBD tincture. CBD’s bioavailability is improved by MCT. The efficiency in which a medicinal substance is absorbed into the bloodstream is referred to as bioavailability. This is important because it influences the amount of medication to give in a single dose and how easily your dog can feel the effects.

Additional MCT Benefits

In addition to serving as an excellent carrier for CBD, MCT has the following benefits:

Final Thoughts

We’re all aware that CBD has many health benefits, and most of us want to get the most out of this beneficial cannabinoid. MCT oils support our dogs in doing just that. MCT oils are not only beneficial for your dog’s wellbeing, but they also help improve the bioavailability of CBD, allowing for faster delivery and more CBD absorption.

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