Using CBD for Dog Seizures

cbd for dog seizures

CBD has been used to manage epilepsy in humans for years. Now, using CBD for dog seizures is becoming more popular. CBD is a natural alternative that may help reduce the frequency and severity of your dog’s seizures. CBD is known to be a neuroprotective agent and has been shown to reduce seizures when given at the onset of an episode. This effect may be due to the way CBD interacts with brain receptors involved in seizure activity.

Cause of Seizures in Dogs

Seizures are common in dogs, but they can be very frightening for owners to witness. Seizures are caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain and are usually temporary.

They can be caused by a head injury, brain tumor, infection, or disease of the liver, kidney, or heart. Seizures may also result from poisoning, lack of oxygen to the brain (hypoxia), low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia), and certain medications such as aspirin, anticonvulsant drugs, and chemotherapy drugs.

The most common type of seizure is generalized and manifests as uncontrolled muscle movements on both sides of the body, including the face. This type of seizure may last only a few seconds to several minutes. Some dogs will fall down during this type of seizure while others will remain standing with stiffened limbs or even walk around like they’re drunk. Afterward, the dog will typically be confused and disoriented for several minutes before recovering entirely with no apparent side effects.

Another kind of seizure, the focal seizure, affects just one side of the body. Focal seizures often begin with a blank stare and then progress into unusual muscle contractions involving one side or part of one side.

Using CBD for Dog Seizures

Veterinarians and pet owners have reported anecdotal evidence that CBD oil helps lessen the frequency of seizures that dogs have. While your neighborhood vet might be reluctant to discuss CBD oil for dogs, there is encouraging scientific research, such as Colorado State University’s study, which shows that 89% of dogs who consumed CBD in their clinical trial reported a decrease in their seizure frequency.

In order to treat canine epilepsy, the field of veterinary medicine has frequently turned to a concoction of conventional drugs known as anti-seizure or anti-convulsive drugs. These medications, regrettably, don’t always work and may have unpleasant side effects.

Full-spectrum CBD has been shown to be a therapeutic anti-convulsant in rats, which suggests that it may be equally beneficial in treating seizures in dogs with epilepsy. In order for CBD oil to operate, hemp’s phytocannabinoids must be added to the endocannabinoid system of a mammal (in this case, your dog).

cbd for dog seizures

The network of receptors in the endocannabinoid system’s function control biological processes. Endocannabinoids must be produced on demand for a mammal’s body to maintain homeostasis, which is a constant internal environment.

Homeostasis is disrupted by seizure activity, causing the body’s internal systems to lag behind its demands. Both CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors are benefited from cannabis products, especially those that include CBD. Whereas CB2 receptors are mostly found in the regulatory cells of the immune system, CB1 receptors are mostly found in the brain, neurological system, glands, and organs.

As a result of its interaction with CB1 receptors, CBD oil is able to regulate seizures and calm hyperactive neurons.

It’s crucial to remember that because cannabis products have an impact on the brain, your dog should be examined by a veterinarian before using them to ensure that her brain is mature enough to withstand their effects. For this reason, it’s also advised that your dog wait until she’s at least 12 weeks old before giving her CBD.

Dosing CBD for Dog Seizures

By providing your dog CBD on a regular basis, you can lessen the frequency and intensity of the seizures your dog has. Moreover, CBD for dogs can help relieve pain, particularly after the discomfort brought on by the severe muscle cramping that occurs during a seizure episode.

While giving your pet two daily doses can usually result in pain alleviation and seizure reduction, the dosage levels you employ can change depending on the circumstances. The dosing interval for your dog should be spaced out by 12 hours.

The dosage recommendations for many CBD oils are based on the size or weight of your dog. Generally speaking, smaller dogs will need a lower dose than larger dogs, although it may take some trial and error to discover the ideal dosage.

heal cbd for dogs dosage

A Natural Remedy

Seizures in dogs happen occasionally. If they experience seizures more frequently, some epileptic dogs may need two to three doses daily, while those who experience less severe seizures may only require one dosage daily.

To sustain the beneficial effects that the suggested amounts of CBD have on your dog, you may need to gradually raise the dosage, but make sure to do so gradually so that his body has time to adjust.

CBD oil is a popular treatment for canine epilepsy. There are many dog owners who can attest to the effectiveness of CBD oil treatment, even though research may still be in the early stages. When compared to alternative treatment choices, CBD oil has less severe side effects and can lessen the severity and frequency of seizures. As a pet parent, it’s crucial to ensure the quality of life for your animal companion. You’ll probably attempt just about anything safe to help your dog if they are having seizures. When used as a treatment, CBD oil for dogs with seizures can be a successful and all-natural solution.

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