What CBD is Best for Dogs?

What CBD is Best for Dogs?

Choosing a CBD product can be quite difficult with the range of options out there. This could leave you wondering ‘what CBD is best for dogs?’ CBD is a highly unregulated industry and not all products are created equal. The product you would grab for your local gas station or dispensary is not often as pure as the one you would grab from a CBD-specific organization. In this article, we’ll talk about what to look for when choosing a product as well as what we recommend.

The Entourage Effect

Full-spectrum products are recommended over broad-spectrum products, especially if you have tried broad-spectrum CBD and it didn’t work. Full-spectrum, with a very minute amount of THC (not enough to produce a ‘high’ in your dog) is what allows something called the entourage effect to take place. This is what produces the effects you’re likely searching for.

The entourage effect is a phenomenon that occurs when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It refers to the synergistic action of a group of compounds present in cannabis, which together are more effective than any one compound alone.

The entourage effect is often described as the reason why whole plant products are not only more effective than single compounds, but also safer. As well as THC and CBD, there are over 100 other cannabinoids and terpenes (and many more yet to be discovered) found in cannabis that all contribute to its therapeutic effects.

This synergy between compounds means that each molecule has an effect on how another molecule works inside your body. For example:

  • THC can increase or decrease the effectiveness of CBD depending on how much THC it is mixed with;
  • CBD can reduce some of the negative side effects of THC when taken together;
  • Terpenes have been shown to increase absorption of cannabinoids, meaning they can make a smaller amount have more effects

Check Out the Lab Results

The certificate of analysis, or lab results, show what was present in the product at the time it was bottled. On the list of results, if you have a full-spectrum product, you will see the specific quantity of each cannabinoid, including THC and CBD, that is in the product. This is one way to be sure you are purchasing a high-quality, full-spectrum product.

Lab results should always come from a third-party laboratory. Take a look at the company listed on the document. Do some digging to find out a little bit about the company and whether or not they’re affiliated with the company you’re purchasing from. If you want to do a deep dive, you can even call the company that issued the lab results or the company offering the product to ask any questions.

What is the Best CBD for Dogs?

As you can see from our shopping page, we frequently recommend products from CBD Dog Health. There are few companies that are fully transparent in their operations from manufacturing to anecdotal reports and scientific data. Our team here at Hemp for Hounds recognizes the effort put into every product with this organization. These are the primary products we recommend:

CBD Dog Health Heal CBD for Dogs

Heal CBD is recommended for more intensive conditions and is CBD Dog Health’s strongest product available for dogs. This product is recommended for dogs with degenerative conditions including cancer, severe arthritis, and Cushing’s Disease.

heal cbd for dogs

CBD Dog Health Ease CBD for Dogs

EASE is a full-spectrum CBD oil used to relieve allergies, inflammation, and general pain in dogs. Designed with frankincense and turmeric, EASE is a natural anti-inflammatory for dogs that works to reduce inflammation, balance the immune system, and ease your dog’s aches and pains.

EASE cbd for dogs

CBD Dog Health Calm CBD for Dogs

Your dog’s persistent anxiety and situational stress can be effectively managed naturally with the help of this organic, full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs with anxiety. For anxious dogs and stressful situations like thunderstorms, fireworks, grooming and veterinary visits, travel, and separation anxiety, CALM offers the ideal holistic CBD.

does cbd help aggressive dogs

Other Cannabis Products for Dogs

Of course, there is a multitude of other companies that offer CBD for dogs, but this is the one we have vetted the most. When you are doing your own research on companies, look for transparency. This is ultimately how you can tell a reputable company from one that’s just looking to make money by how willing they are to answer questions and show their data.

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