Welcome to Hemp For Hounds. We are the one stop destination for all of your CBD needs. We manufacture and craft CBD hemp oil, CBD creams, CBD oil products for pets and CBD e-liquid. Below are our core pillars that support our shop:


Notions of fairness and integrity have underpinned the core principles of HEALTHIERCBDOILS.COM since its game-changing inception.


More than simply a shop with superior people-driven products and exceptional reviews, HEALTHIERCBDOILS.COM is committed to bringing you extraordinary CBD products at ordinary prices. Why? Because why should the potential benefits of superior CBD only be accessible for a privileged few?


We developed our website and products to be minimalistic & to the point. Our CBD products are made from certified high quality CBD extracts. All products are 100% organic & suitable for most diets.


We offer free shipping on all CBD oil orders as standard. We believe that everyone should have access to excellent CBD oil and we work tirelessly to make sure that there is as much value per ml of CBD oil as possible.


HEALTHIERCBDOILS.COM is a British brand founded in 2012 with one clear-cut vision: to craft hemp-derived CBD products with you – the consumer – in mind. This ambition was born out of an observation that the up-and-coming CBD industry had allowed itself to become overwhelmed with sub-standard and considerably overpriced products, due largely to a then-unregulated industry in its infancy and an emergence of companies hoping to make a quick cheque. Fueled by these dishonest conditions, and inspired by an idea that people deserve some of Europe’s best CBD products at fair prices.

HEALTHIERCBDOILS.COM strived to bring about change and reset the standard Since these unassuming beginnings, hempforhounds.org has exploded into one of the United Kingdom’s most trusted and affordable CBD suppliers, boasting over 600 5* consumer reviews, freely delivering tens of thousands of CBD products to happy customers across the globe, and maintaining thousands of loyal relationships via a free-subscription newsletter offering numerous competitions and discount codes. 


With a huge surge of CBD companies worldwide, and with everything going online, it can be tough to find a trustworthy and reputable company to purchase your CBD needs from. We personally understand this struggle and have therefore worked hard to identify and source some of Europe’s highest and finest quality, third-party tested CBD (COA available).

This gives you the assurance that your product is in fact as it says on the label. Rest assured therefore, the fair pricing of our CBD products are not a reflection of a compromise in quality, but rather, a reflection of our principles of fairness and integrity.

Resultantly, you can trust that HEALTHIERCBDOILS.COM offers some of the best CBD products on the market. To ensure this, we take tremendous care in the craft of your product. This is not only true of sourcing high-quality ingredients, but also of meticulously designing and redesigning our brand labels to ensure your product is both effective and visually pleasing – important in this instagrammable world!



Is CBD Oil Legal?

Yes. CBD Oil is legal in the EU and All 50 US states.

How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD Oil contains all the medicinal content of cannabis/ hemp without the psychoactive active THC. This is why the compound is becoming so popular. You can read more about how CBD impacts your endcannnabinoid system.

Are There Any Side Effects?

No. As far as we are aware CBD Oil is safe and there are no reported side effects. But, if you are already on medication then you should consult with your doctor beforehand.

What Does CBD Taste Like?

CBD oil has a very earthy taste. It is not for everybody however some people love it! Luckily, all of our CBD oils are available in 4 different flavours: Natural, Orange, Mint and Berry.

Will It Help Me With My Illness?

Our CBD Oil products are sold as food supplements only. If you have any questions regarding your health then you should consult your doctor for help.

Will CBD Oil Make Me 'High'?

No. THC is the active ingredient in cannabis that is psychoactive. CBD is not psychoactive. Therefore, you are able to harness the full effects of CBD without losing cognitive function.

Are CBD & THC The Same Thing?

There are two active ingredients in the cannabis plant. THC, which is the psychoactive element that makes you ‘high’. And CBD, which is non-psychoactive. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits without altering cognitive function.

How Do I Take CBD Oil?

Our CBD Oil products can be administered in many different ways. All of our CBD products come in detailed packaging with instructions on how to administer the CBD safely.